CECP on Measuring Social Impact

CECP Giving in Numbers 2019

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Giving in Numbers, CECP’s annual report on corporate social investments, is often considered a bible for corporate and nonprofit professionals alike. Now in its 14th edition, and built on 18 years of benchmarking data, Giving in Numbers is based on company-reported information from more than 300 companies.

Carmen Perez, Senior Director of Data Insights, and Andre Solorzano, Senior Manager of Data Insights at CECP, joined Carol to share the story behind this nearly two decades-long effort to track and analyze the far-reaching impact of corporate giving.

Listen for Carmen and Andre’s insights on:

  • The evolving expectations of employees: how they want to give their time, talent, and money
  • How purpose can direct an organization’s giving strategy
  • The social issues that are garnering the most (or least) corporate support today

You can listen to our episode with CECP’s CEO, Daryl Brewster, here.

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