CECP Uncovers the Value of Workplace Volunteering

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CECP, or Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose, is a CEO-led coalition that believes a company’s social strategy – how it engages with key stakeholders including employees, communities, investors, and customers – determines company success. A critical component of CECP’s work involves measuring and benchmarking cutting-edge work in CSR and purpose, from overall corporate philanthropy to volunteer programs. One of the organization’s latest reports, Value Volunteering, explores the multi-layered inputs and outputs of workplace volunteer initiatives.

To learn more about volunteering and purpose within corporates today, Purpose 360 welcomed Carmen Perez, former Senior Director of Data Insights at CECP; Lalita Badinehal, former VP of Corporate Citizenship at Credit Suisse; and Matthew Nelson, AVP Corporate Responsibility at New York Life Insurance Company.

Listen for insights from Carmen, Lalita, and Matthew on:

  • Why corporate volunteering initiatives should be rooted in community needs, and how that grounding supports ongoing participation and program impact.
  • The motivations behind workplace volunteering initiatives, and the shared value generated for companies and their employees, beneficiary organizations, and communities.
  • How volunteering initiatives affect consumer sentiment and drive objectives around reputation and trust.

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