Doing “Immense Good” with Founders Pledge

David Goldberg / Founders Pledge

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It’s fitting that the 100th episode of Purpose 360 features an organization helping more businesses be a force for good. Founders Pledge, a nonprofit organization with a mission to “empower entrepreneurs to do immense good,” leverages a unique model to enable founders to direct a portion of personal proceeds to vetted charities and initiatives.

To talk about Founders Pledge and the incredible impact the organization achieved in 2020, we welcomed to the show David Goldberg, Co-Founder and CEO.

Listen for David’s insights on:

  • How Founders Pledge harnesses the innate problem-solving nature of entrepreneurs to address some of society’s biggest challenges
  • Why making a commitment via Founders Pledge inspires many entrepreneurs to infuse purpose in their own companies
  • How the organization applies a venture capital lens to philanthropic giving efforts, and why data is vital to direct dollars to initiatives that will produce the greatest return for society

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