Exploring United Way Worldwide's Digital Distruption

United Way Worldwide / William Browning

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United Way isn’t new—but it’s creating a new way for NGOs to engage with people around the world through technology.

William Browning, United Way Worldwide’s Chief of Digital Transformation and Technology, joined Purpose 360 to talk about the organization’s shift from transactional to transformational.

As the world’s largest privately-funded nonprofit, United Way’s scope is vast: 2.9 million volunteers, 10 million donors, and 60 million people served in 2017. Now, the legacy organization is adopting an entrepreneurial mindset to reinvent the dynamic between nonprofits, issues, communities, and employers.

Listen for William’s insights on:

  • Remaining relevant (as a 130-year-old organization) in a world rife with pressing social issues
  • How United Way and Salesforce teamed to create an all-new technology platform, Philanthropy Cloud
  • United Way’s business-minded, customer-centric approach to transforming how employers and employees give at work

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