Procter & Gamble is a force for good and a force for growth

Damon Jones / P&G

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P&G has the distinct honor of being one of the oldest companies on our show, and one with a purpose that honors the organization’s legacy as much as it guides the multi-national CPG company into the future.

Damon Jones, P&G’s Chief Communications Officer, joined Purpose 360 to talk about the company’s efforts to be “a force for good and a force for growth” across a portfolio of dozens of brands, with nearly 100,000 employees around the world.

Listen for Damon’s insights on:

  • How P&G crafted a purpose that is “built in, not bolted on” to be truly integrated in the company’s DNA and that of its brands
  • How purpose guides innovation across the organization, from global operations to brand-level improvements
  • Why P&G pursues advocacy efforts around issues including gender and race equality, among others, and what the company has learned about embracing issues important to citizens
  • The importance of authenticity and “walking the walk” of corporate purpose, and how P&G lives its purpose through commitments to fair and equal advertising, responsible supply chain, sustainability, and community engagement
  • How the CPG company has responded to COVID-19 to protect employees in markets around the world, as well as consumers and communities

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