Protecting What Matters Most with GAF

Andy Hilton / GAF

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To GAF, the roofs over the heads of the company’s customers do far more than provide shelter. Each shingle designed and produced by GAF – North America’s largest roofing manufacturer – upholds the company’s purpose: We protect what matters most. Whether those shingles sit atop family homes or small businesses, GAF works to protect the people, belongings, and memories the company serves.

In the spirit of this purpose, GAF developed Community Matters, its social impact program, to support and empower the communities in which the company operates. Community Matters unites GAF employees, partner organizations, and community members to empower, connect, and inspire the community.

We invited Andy Hilton, Chief Communications Officer and Head of CSR at GAF, for an in-depth conversation on how GAF is bringing Community Matters to life.

Listen for Andy’s insights on:

  • How GAF worked directly with employees and residents in Shafter, CA to refresh and expand the community’s beloved Learning Center.
  • How GAF partners with nonprofits like Project for Public Spaces to involve communities in the co-creation of local initiatives.
  • How the Build Back Better initiative has influenced GAF’s relationship with partners in addressing climate resiliency.
  • How to create micro volunteerism moments for employees in roles with limited flexibility, such as shift work.

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