Quantifying the impact of COVID-19 with The Harris Poll

Wendy Salomon / The Harris Poll

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The Harris Poll is one of the nation’s oldest and most preeminent public opinion organizations. It’s no surprise the global market research and consulting firm moved quickly to quantify the public’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wendy Salomon, Managing Director Reputation & Corporate Strategy, The Harris Poll, joined Purpose 360 to talk about the trends her firm is highlighting as the pandemic continues to evolve.

Corporate purpose and reputation are at the forefront of the crisis. Beyond looking to their local and federal government, the American public is turning to big business for answers: how are you supporting your employees? How are you using your capabilities to help address critical shortages? How are you keeping the lights on and food on the shelves? Americans feel that the way all institutions respond now will chart the course for our collective future.

Listen for Wendy’s insights on:

  • How the wildly-changing landscape of COVID-19 is putting corporate purpose and reputation to the test, and why consumers want businesses to “do more, say less”
  • How companies are flexing to meet situations they may not have ever forecasted or prepared for
  • The changing face of the American workforce and workplace, including the impact of isolation on workers and growing role of technology in human connectivity
  • The critical social issues that are rising to the forefront for companies—like worker’s rights and supply chain transparency

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