Redefining Corporate Reputation

Kylie Wright-Ford / Reputation Institute

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Reputation is corporate currency today. Yet reputation can seem hard to quantify—and at a time when transparency and authenticity are expected by all stakeholders, the ability to measure and track reputation is critical.

Enter Reputation Institute. Now in its 21st year, the organization is a data, analytics, and insights platform helping companies understand and build reputation. Kylie Wright-Ford, the Institute’s CEO, joined Purpose 360 to discuss the company’s approach to measuring and analyzing the reputation of companies, cities, and leaders—primarily through its RepTrak platform. She also discusses other products related to corporate responsibility, including CR RepTrak and CEO RepTrak.

Wright-Ford also unpacks the importance of reputation and its seven dimensions today—from products and innovation to workplace and citizenship. Listen for her insights on:

  • The difference between brand (a promise) and reputation (whether that promise is kept).
  • How companies can balance the rational and emotional aspects of their reputation, and why those emotional aspects are on the rise.
  • The potential impacts of a healthy reputation, and how companies can leverage that reputation to build stronger ties to key stakeholders.

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