Responding to COVID-19: A Conversation with JUST Capital and US Bank

Martin Whittaker / JUST Capital & Reba Dominski / US Bank

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Two previous Purpose 360 guests joined us to talk about the evolving corporate response to COVID-19. Martin Whittaker, CEO of JUST Capital, and Reba Dominski, EVP, Chief Social Responsibility Officer, and President, US Bank Foundation, shared their insights and experiences in the midst of the pandemic.

Listen for Martin and Reba’s insights on:

  • How JUST Capital sees COVID-19 putting the “stakeholder capitalism” movement to the test
  • How US Bank moved quickly to support its employees, customers, and communities—and direct a $30 million donation to relief efforts
  • What the business world will look like post-COVID-19, from the workplace to the communities where companies operate

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