Revealing the Purpose Advantage with Jeff Fromm

Jeff Fromm

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What matters is what you do next.

This is the opening section in Jeff Fromm’s newest book, The Purpose Advantage. It’s an apt statement, considering the Business Roundtable’s recent proclamation that the purpose of a corporation is to serve all stakeholders—from employees to suppliers to communities. Arguably, we’re now beyond the tipping point of capitalism. Purpose is no longer a “nice-to-have.” So, what we do next matters more than ever.

In this episode, we spoke with Jeff Fromm, author, thought leader, and head of Barkley and Futurecast, about purpose today and how Millennials and Gen Z are reshaping the role of business in society.

Listen to hear Jeff’s insights on:

  • Understanding today’s Millennials and Gen Z’ers and their evolving relationship with purpose—at work and as consumers
  • How to move past generational “myths” and unearth data to drive insights around purpose
  • What the “purpose advantage” can achieve for brands today, and why purpose must be baked into a company’s DNA—not tacked on
  • How brands leverage purpose to tell meaningful stories that move consumers to action

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