Saving the Earth One Load at a Time

Dropps / Jonathan Propper

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This Earth Day, we’re joined by Jonathan Propper, Founder and CEO of Dropps. He’s the maverick behind the original laundry pod, and has guided Dropps to a number of firsts, including eliminating detergent dyes and adding bittering agents to deter children from eating pods.

Behind all that innovation is a desire to create a healthier Earth. Laundry isn’t going away (as much as we wish it would!), and the ways in which we consume products is becoming more critical. As a social enterprise, Dropps has, from day one, focused on making an everyday chore more sustainable—while raising awareness for how our purchasing choices can impact society and the environment.

Listen for Jonathan’s insights on:

  • Building a business that helps the Earth without sacrificing convenience, quality, or price
  • Leveraging purpose to navigate industry challenges and increasing competition
  • Creating purpose-built, purpose-driven products—and constantly innovating on them

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