Soaring into Sustainability with JetBlue

Sophia Mendelsohn + Sara Bogdan / JetBlue

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The aviation industry is tough. Airlines bear one of the largest carbon footprints of any industry, and the rising threat of global climate disaster—plus trends like “flight shaming”—are challenging companies to find solutions.

JetBlue, long considered a “beloved” brand in a beleaguered industry, is putting the climate issue at the core of its business. Most recently, the airline announced that all domestic flights would be carbon neutral by mid-2020. We spoke with Sophia Mendelsohn, Head of Sustainability and Environmental Social Governance, and Sara Bogdan, Manager of Sustainability and Environmental Social Governance, about JetBlue’s efforts to tackle the climate issue.

The core insight: JetBlue treats the environmental crisis as an opportunity, not a threat. Fervor around climate issues is spurring innovation and inventive solutions across the company, from in-flight recycling efforts to new sharklets on aircraft wingtips to increase fuel efficiency. Plus, JetBlue continues to invest in programs to support local communities, including Soar With Reading, in addition to inspiring small business innovation through programs like BlueBud.

Listen for Sophia and Sara’s insights on:

  • How JetBlue pushes for innovation across the business, with a focus on generating long-term value and impact
  • How transparency, honesty, and unrelenting dedication to customer service makes JetBlue a beloved brand
  • How JetBlue drives grassroots impact in the communities where the company operates

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