The Logistics of Purpose with Lineage Logistics

Sean Vanderelzen + Megan Hendricksen / Lineage Logistics

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Meet the food storage and transport company with a purpose to help feed the world. Lineage Logistics is a $2 billion enterprise driving more than a third of the temperature-controlled food distribution in the U.S., moving 8% of the global food supply. The company is deeply purpose-driven and operates on a stakeholder-driven model, focused on transforming the food supply chain to positively impact customers, communities, and beyond.

Sean Vanderelzen, Chief Human Resources Officer, and Megan Hendricksen, VP Marketing & Communications at Lineage, joined Purpose 360 to talk about how the company lives its purpose.

Listen for their insights on:

  • How Lineage developed an authentic purpose, rooted in the journey from farms and factories to shelves and tables
  • How purpose helped Lineage act swiftly during COVID-19 to transport food to areas in need as well as donate $5 million and 100 million meals alongside nonprofit partners
  • How Lineage leverages its purpose and capabilities to tackle a massive social problem: food waste
  • The impact of purpose on recruiting and talent retention, as well as employee engagement

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