US Bank Invests its Heart in Communities

Reba Dominski / US Bank

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When something happens to a US Bank customer or their community, the company takes it personally. It’s that ethos that drove US Bank and its leadership to respond to the impacts of COVID-19 and tragedies like the murder of George Floyd with heart and empathy. From caring for employees and their families to investing in minority-owned businesses, US Bank continuously puts the needs of its stakeholders first.

To talk about these initiatives, we welcomed back to the show Reba Dominski, Chief Social Responsibility Officer at US Bank, and President of the US Bank Foundation.

Listen for Reba’s insights on:

  • Why and how US Bank has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to address social and economic inequities, including initiatives to increase access to capital for Black-owned businesses
  • How US Bank bridged the personal impacts of the pandemic and movement for racial justice with the company’s values and culture
  • Why US Bank conducted an “agile sprint” to better focus and integrate its social impact efforts with overall business strategy

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